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Turn on your Sump pump

Its that time a year again. Time to connect your sump pump hose and turn the pump on. Just make sure the hose is not frozen and the water is flowing so you don't burn out your pump.

REALTOR with some down time, smoking my first brisket on the Weber Smoke...

Your friendly neighborhood REALTOR here, using this down time to do the things I really enjoy, but never have the time to do. Lets all use this time to do the things we love and make the best of a bad situation.

Today I’m smoking my first Brisket on my Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker. I believe this should take 12 to 14 hours. This beautiful brisket is from Carvers knife on Regent in Winnipeg.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

I would also luv to see your BBQ or smoker set ups. Lets see your pic and videos. What are you cooking? I want to see.

Stay safe out there.

Stephen and Alicia Olyniuk
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Turning Realty Into Reality

Should you be reducing your Manitoba Public Insurance?

If you have been layed off or working from home does your vehicle need to be insured as all purpose? You should contact your MPI broker to ask this question.
MPI rate calculator

Looking for a Home in Lorette

Normally I would not but out a marketing video during a time like this, but I do have clients looking for a home and it is my duty to find them one.
They have sold their home and are looking in the Lorette area with flexibility on possession.
Looking in that $250,000 - $310,000 price range.
If you have been thinking about selling lets talk.
Stay Safe out there.

Take your Meds

In this time
of social distancing and self isolation we all need to take the time and do what’s
right to look after our own well being. Take your MEDS! Meditate and
or pray Exercise Diet Sleep This is so
important at this time. Thank you for
this Tom Ferry.

What is your Mortgage rate at and can you be SAVING money

What is your Mortgage rate at and could you be saving money?
Did you know that the average selling price of a home in Winnipeg is about $325,000. Average mortgage rate a year ago was 3.5% and at percent your payment would be $1541.50. At todays average rate of 2.5%your payment would be $1383.10 saving you $158.40 monthly or a WHOPPING $47521.00 in interest over 25 years.

I work with amazing Mortgage Specialist that can help you with this. Reach out if you would like any help with this.

Here is a link to my websites Mortgage Calculator if you would like to play around with your numbers.

If you need anything at all of have any Real Estate questions please reach out to us.

We will get through this.

Have a great day.

Stephen Olyniuk
Alicia Olyniuk
Turning Realty into Reality

Payment Deferral due to covid-19

We have been talking to all the Banks and Credit Unions. They are ready to work with people on a case by case basis. If you are having any payment troubles due to covid-19 make sure you reach out to your lender.

If you have any question for us I am available at 2049812009 or

Please stay safe out there.

Prairie pickers: These are the people in your neighborhood

Draw will be Friday March 20th GIVEAWAY!!! 🎉🎉🎉 WATCH VIDEO FOR DETAILS If you're a lover of a great deserts and antique items the Prairie Pickers Steinbach will be your new favorite! 🍽🍽🍽🍽 This South East Manitoba gem is l located at 227 Main street Steinbach and it's absolutely spectacular! ✨ Be on the look out for all the exciting new items every day! 👨‍🍳 WIN A $25 Prairie Pickers Gift Card

Dr Goodbear loves Team Olyniuk

With every home our cliests buy or sell with us we a proud to make a donation to the Childrens Hospital. Thank you to all our clients that help make this possible. Stephen Olyniuk
Alicia Olyniuk
Turning Realty into Reality

Winnipeg real estate market report feb 2020

Real estate market report for Winnipeg Feb 2020 Contact me with any questions: Stephen and Alicia Olyniuk Team Olyniuk RE/MAX performance realty Stephen Cell 2049812009 Alicia Cell 2043924262 Turning Realty Into Reality